I’ve fondly nicknamed this skirt my mom skirt – don’t worry this is not some sort of baby announcement shrouded in denim!

I know my last project was also a Miette but hey, if you find something you like and is practical for your lifestyle then go ahead and make a million versions! Consider yourselves warned!

We snapped these pictures on the way to the Phoenix Public Market this morning. The weather here in Phoenix has been out of control beautiful and weekend walks for breakfast are my favorite! If you live in the valley you should be eating the Flanched Flarney Garney  at the public market as frequently as possible – trust me!

I made a couple minor adjustments from my last version including lengthening the hem, adding the pockets, and increasing the overlap in the back of the skirt.

I chose to add a couple extra inches to the overlap because my fabric was much lighter than my first version and I don’t like the feeling that I’m going to be flashing the general public at any point.

Obviously I am digging the giant pockets!! Makes for less awkward hands in photos which is a very good thing.

We went and saw a late night showing of Captain America last night so I was inspired to infuse a little action into my photos. This was the most flattering of the bunch which isn’t saying too much.

On a side note I downloaded the mini collection of actions from A Beautiful Mess and I am going to start saving my pennies for the complete collection. These photos are edited with the Norma filter.

Off to make 79043753 more Miettes!!


I finished this skirt a few weeks ago. Its my first Miette skirt from Tilly and the Buttons and I must say I see a couple more of these ladies in my future.

This skirt has just the right amount of flare and would be perfect for beginners since there are no closures to sew! I finished mine up from cutting to hemming easily within one evening. Who doesn’t love an instant satisfaction project!

I used this striped denim print that I got at Joanns. I knew I want to use the stripes on the bias and I actually had no trouble getting things to line up in the front and on the sides. Due to the stripes I omitted the pockets but next time I will definitely add them.

See how excited I am that all those stripes lined up!!

2 out 3 parts of the Arizona collection done! I am on a sewing roll these days but I definitely need to work on my photo taking roll so I can actually post all of these things!


This weekend James and I hit the opening weekend of the Renaissance festival. Which in case your state doesn’t have one is an awesome event where the weirdest group of people come together at a medieval amusement park. There are costumes, shows, jousting, food, and so much more. Above all it makes for superb people watching. I went this weekend with two goals – #! get a flower crown and #2 eat a turkey leg. I accomplished both within the first hour so everything else was just a bonus.

I wore my favorite polka dotted scout tee which I realized has never made an appearance on the blog. I have multiple other scouts in the works. It is really such a great pattern – simple straight forward construction, versatile style, and endless variation possibilities! I added the tiny pocket from Grainline Studio’s Tiny pocket tank to give it a little pizzaz!

On top of all the other cool stuff we stumbled upon elephant and camel rides which I found to be super random but we jumped on the opportunity to ride an elephant. If you know me you know I had quite a fondness for elephants and this was my first time getting to ride one. Crossed that off my bucket list!!

What sort of fun things did you do this weekend?


As a native of the Southwest I find myself drawn to all things southwest inspired when it comes to clothing and prints so when Joanns decided to make a whole collection of SW inspired fabrics I may have gone a little crazy. I scooped up just about everyone of the fabrics they had and have been using them in the last three projects I’ve made so I may as well go ahead and call them the Arizona collection.

If you follow my Instagram you may have noticed I’ve also gone a little crazy for Christine Haynes’ Emery dress pattern. It is just the exact kind of dress I want to wear every single day. I love dresses with full-ish skirts and fitted bodices. Bonus that it has cute little sleeves which I always want and it fit me basically perfectly straight from the envelope! In summary, expect to see about 37 more versions of this dress from me in the near future.

The only modifications I made to the pattern were to add about 5-6 inches to the fullness of the skirt, shortened the bodice by an inch, chopped 4 inches from the hem, and I fully lined this version due to the weight of the fabric.

Here is part one of at least three of the Az collection of ridiculous Southwest prints.

We snapped these on a lovely walk to the Phoenix Public Market for our weekly Sunday morning breakfast out. The weather could really not be more perfect here in Arizona. I’ve got to take in as much of the outdoors now before it gets to be a million degrees in a few months!!


I made my brother in law this sweet Cooper messenger bag for Christmas and in turn he agreed to let me make him famous on my blog.

I would have loved this pattern even more had I not made so many dumb rookie mistakes. I was wrapping it up on Christmas Eve only to discvoer I totally sewed the strap on upside down – super bummer! I took the bag home with me and ripped it apart and had it all fixed up by Christmas morning so it wasn’t terrible but there was a lot of cursing at myself for about an hour.

I can’t wait to sew myself the backpack version of this pattern so I have something to carry on bike rides and little day adventures!

Thanks again to Jose for being my Christmas model!


If you follow my Instagram you may have noticed I had plans to sew up a Hawthorn for Thanksgiving dinner this week. I thought I would have plenty of time since I took a couple days off of work this week but I ended up getting called in so my plans were foiled.

Good thing I had a Wiksten Tova already in the works! I originally sewed this up in the dress version. I really liked the Tova dresses I had seen online but I felt like it had a super funky shape on me so Thanksgiving morning I chopped it off and rehemmed it as a top. The shape is perfect for eating copious amounts of pie and turkey.

My sister took these lovely photos – She’s a really good photo director. She told me to look for strawberries in these bushes and then look surprised when I didn’t find anything haha.

This is my first Tova and I am super happy with the results. The pattern and directions are so straight forward and the fit turned out pretty spot on. I think next time I think I will taper the arms in slightly – they are a bit poofy for my taste.

I had some more of this check fabric so I have to figure out what else to make with it. Any suggestions?

One of my goals this year was to make more tops and I think the Tova can help get me to that goal. I think it would be nice in a bit fancier of a fabric so it could be work appropriate.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! I am so lucky to have so much to be thankful for this year and every year!


11.18.13 Day Trippin

This weekend I took a fairly spontaneous day trip up to one of Arizona’s cutest tiny mining towns, Jerome. I thankfully threw on this berry colored skirt I just finished this week so I could have something to blog about!

I used the Linda pattern from Burdastyle and some sweet burgundy suiting. Nothing too exciting or complex but I foresee this being in heavy rotation this fall and winter.

Phoenix weather has been really mild so I didn’t think about it getting cold up north – I was super lucky to find a sweet vintage shop and spotted this perfect 40′s navy blazer. I scooped it up on the spot and wore it straight out of the shop. I also wore my new to me clogs that I scooped up from Sunshine Cupcake’s closet clean out.

I’m going to go ahead and use this trip to check #18 (Take a sponateous road trip) off my 25 before 26 list too.

I’ve actually been sewing up a storm lately now I just need to recruit a photographer or get a new tripod at the least! Lots of fall projects in the works.


09.07.13 #1 and Done

On my 25 before 26 list my number one was to see my sister tie the knot. On June 23rd I got to easily and merrily cross that one off the list!

Here are a few snapshots from the day which show off some of the things I sewed up for the event.

I love how great the bowties and bunting I made turned out! I also somehow ended up making all the boutonnieres  and some other flowers which turned out to be really fun! It was nice to be able to be part of the wedding in an extra special way and I am so happy to finally have a brother added to our family!

All photos via Jennifer Young Studio.

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