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So its approaching a year since I’ve blogged – ugh I can’t believe it! Although there is at least one pretty good reason I’ve been off.

Yep we made a super cute baby! August James rounded out our little family in January and I’ve been smitten since day one.

I’m going to attempt to get back into the swing of things and maybe even post some of the million things I’ve made but failed to blog.

To start it off I’m sharing a couple of the photos from our maternity shoot and the plantain I made to wear.


To make the plantain into a maxi dress I literally just lengthened the pattern – thats it!!

I didn’t have enough fabric to cut the back on the fold so theres a seam down the back but it doesn’t bother me. Knits were just about the only logical thing to wear when pregnant so this light jersey was a perfect marriage with the pattern.

This has always been my favorite t-shirt pattern and it seems to make a pretty cute dress too.




This probably makes the number of plantains I’ve made reach double digits and I’m super excited to try this again now that I’m not a pregnant whale!

Now off to sew some baby things!!


All these photos were taken by The Lucky Shot


I did it!!

Got hitched and sewed a ton of stuff for our honeymoon to St. Lucia!!

We had few major bumps during our wedding weekend (like our reception venue got shut down and we had to get a new caterer the morning of our wedding day – ugh) so taking off for a week on a far away island was exactly what the doctor ordered!

I actually sewed all of the piece on my honeymoon sewing list I wrote about a couple months ago and even squeezed in a few bonus pieces!! What I didn’t do was to actually remember to get pictures of all the pieces as I wore them during the week – whoops!

I did catch some of the pieces and I’ll make some frozen cocktails and do some reenactments for the rest of the items.

By FAR my favorite item I made was this polka dotted Lonsdale dress. I actually wore it out for my bachelorette party and then again the morning of the wedding while I got ready. Its bound to be in heavy rotation from here on out.

I sewed it up with some very lovely rayon challis from Harts fabric and it was a dream to sew with and to wear – perfect amount of drape and sway without being too light!


Here’s our little beach bungalow that overlooked the water and gorgeous sunsets of St. Lucia.

Our room overlooked the spot where the resort hosts all its weddings so I got to creep on a bunch of other weddings which just helped me stay sappy for the entire month!


Can’t believe 14 months of planning was over in a flash but I can’t wait to share all the wedding and honeymoon details with you!


Late as per usual but I wanted to get the year started with a little blogging and an update on what I plan to be up to the next three months.

You may recall that I’m getting hitched this coming April and I am over the moon about it! Of course the wedding day will be wonderful and full of tears and laughter but the next day is when it gets even better!


We are off to honeymoon in St. Lucia!! One of my favorite sewing motivators has always been vacations and travel. Something about going to a new place makes me want to wear all the new pretty handmade things!! As my sister coined it “YOHO – you only honeymoon once!”

So I’ve created a realistic list of sewing projects for the trip and then some stretch list items! You know in case I have tons of free time leading up to the wedding – HAH I should quit my job and become a comedian huh?

Okay now looking at that it doesn’t look THAT realistic but you can’t reach a goal if you don’t set one right?

My other big goal for 2015 is to work on really building up my handmade wardrobe and work on reaching this goal by following Coletterie’s Wardrobe Architect.



2014 was a really great year for my handmade wardrobe (tho not a lot made it here to the blog). I discovered a lot of TNT patterns and find myself reaching for my handmade items over fast fashion pieces almost everyday!

What are your goals for the year??


This is Pickles – more commonly known as my house as Mr. Pickles though his wild kitten behavior rarely warrants the more formal of the two names. He was kind enough to mostly not claw my eyes out while I took some snaps of my Cat Lady Sewing Challenge project!

I have had this fabric for over three years and it took Erin’s genius challenge idea to get me finally sewing with it. This is some thin knit fabric I got on serious clearance from Joann’s.

I recently sewed up a striped Coppelia cardigan from Papercut Patterns and It was such a breeze I had to do it again but this time with KITTIES!!

I own two cats and somehow it still didn’t cross my mind that laying my project out neatly on the floor for some photos wouldn’t be as serene as I imagined – oh well.

I didn’t make any adjustments to the pattern but if I make it again with a thin knit I would probably take some out of the back bodice piece and lengthen the ties a bit.

I had to try to get my other kitty, Olive, involved as well though she was less enthusiastic about photos.

Under my sweater I’m wearing another emery cus duh, Emery dresses are the best thing to every happen to me. This was one of the items from my Fall Wardrobe sewing list and it is already getting a lot of use. I can’t wait til it drops a little in temperature around here and I can pair it with some tights and other cute cardigans!!

And lastly this is Diego, the original cat I purchased long ago when live cats were out of the question, and I couldn’t let him feel left out!!

Back to Fall Wardrobe sewing!


The changing of the seasons always inspires the need to refresh the wardrobe. SO I went through my pattern collection and my fabric stash and came up with a reasonable list of projects that can help fill out my “fall” wardrobe.

Of course since I live in the desert we have to use the term fall very loosely! It stays pretty hot into mid to late october. This means theres not a lot of need for heavy layers and jackets.

Here’s the plan –

    1. Hawthorn dress – burgundy print
    2. Coppelia cardigan – striped knit
    3. Moneta dress – Black Polka dots
    4. Moneta dress – B&W stripes
    5. Archer button up – Chambray
    6. Cooper backpack
    7. Emery dress – Gingham
    8. Emery dress – black with peter pan collar
    9. Emery dress – Navy hearts rayon fabric w/ cuffed sleeve
    10. Zinnia skirt– Caramel rayon
    11. Plantain t-shirts


How much planning do you do when it comes to sewing?

P.S. Did you spot that little sewing room helper? How cute is he??


09.19.14 Scout It Out

As promised earlier this week today I’m sharing the other handmade item I wore for our engagement photos.

I used the Scout pattern from Grainline Studios and followed the Madewell variation instructions to add the cuffed sleeves and v-neck. This is some of my favorite fabric and I’ve been hoarding it for over a year now! Its a nice soft chambray with a raised pattern that I got from Denver fabrics.


We moved from the LA loft that we took our so called “dressed up/fancy” pictures at to the downtown LA arts district. You know what that means! Lots of awesome graphic murals and street shots.





I am such a creeper nurse because when I look at the above picture I can’t help but notice how great that vein in Jame’s hand looks – That would be such an easy IV!


I may also have a super awesome Alder shirtdress out of this same fabric that is finished and ready for pictures!!

I really love the Scout pattern as my go to easy top pattern and I love this variation. I have some knit versions that need to be blogged and they are my go to t-shirts.

Again all the engagement photos were taken by the lovey Yvette of Ettevy Photography. She is out of Southern California but will be jointing us in Phoenix for our wedding next year!


Two weekends ago we got to head to Los Angeles and meet up with our wedding photographer Yvette from Ettevy Photography for our engagement photos.

I am a super terrible procrastinator so it really wasn’t until Saturday that I figured out what I wanted to wear for our Sunday shoot – and no duh I decided on an emery dress and stripes. I’m fairly certain there are no two better things in the world.

I was sewing up until about an hour before our photographer arrived to the location. I’m so glad I stuck with a TNT pattern with some minor twists. For this variation I lowered the front neckline and dipped the back into a V. I had zero time to line the bodice so i finished the neckline with bias tape. Maybe someday I’ll go back and add a lining in but she still looked lovely!!

I was terrified of matching the stripes across the zipper but it actually turned out perfectly – thank goodness for lots of basting! By squeezing out the upper back darts it helped not to let the v-back have any gaping.

These are by far the best sewing outfit photos I will ever have!!

In the next couple of days I will show the other half of our photos and the scout variation I made for the casual look half of our photo shoot.

And you know I had to add this last one in cus – DANG look how handsome that future husband of mine is!! How in the world did I get so lucky!?

This also checks off #8 on my 26 before 27 list!


I have been sewing up a storm this month and I finally joined the rest of you and made a lovely Moneta dress from Colette Patterns.


I had a little trouble with my twin needle at the neckline due to my own dumb fault of not testing it on a scrap piece of fabric. It got all kind of wonky so I had to turn my neckline under an extra time but It worked out pretty well and I’m sure no ones the wiser.


I am in love with how super comfy this dress is and who doesn’t love pockets!!! This is a great piece for Arizona since its so light and breezy in this super soft jersey print. I need to make some more of these with a slightly longer sleeve to cover my tattoo for work.

I may have already made another one!! In the most practical print ever!!


And now to show you what comprises my lovely backdrop for these photos – my ridiculous fabric stash!! You may have seen a shot of this madness on my instagram a while back so i thought I should share it officially.

When I moved at the beginning of the summer I went from a studio apartment which was a glorified one room place to my new digs where I have a whole room and closet dedicated to sewing. My number one priority of my sewing room was having open storage for my fabric so I could be inspired and more importantly be able to see what I have in the stash.

I fold my fabric into little bolts with these comic book boards. Comic book storage supplies are one of the best things for organizing your sewing room!!

I hope that this makes it easier to shop my own stash instead of buying new fabric every 5 minutes but I’m trying to be realistic and James believes I’ll be asking for another row of shelves in a matter of months!

How do you store your fabric and how do you curb your fabric stash? Or are you like me and you’ve given up trying?

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