07.09.14 Year Old Crepes

This is post is much tastier than the title might imply. I promise!!

I started this Crepe dress from Colette Patterns last summer but its been sitting very sadly and patiently in my UFO box waiting for me to regain my patience with hand sewing and baste the facings down. Last week I rediscovered her and finished it in like 15 mins. It was quite satisfying and I’m embarrassed I waited so long.


I wore the dress on Saturday to church and then we went out to lunch and discovered a super cute new cafe in Scottsdale called Alo. It has by far some of the best belgian waffles you can find locally – perfectly cooked with just the slightest crispness on top! Plus the owner saw my sewing machine tattoo and asked me if I was a fabric artist! We then got to have a nice conversation about sewing and she told us all about the history of the man for whom the cafe is named. It was a lovely Saturday.



This was my first go with this pattern so I didn’t make any adjustments and I’m fairly pleased with it but I would make some fit adjustments around the shoulders and arm areas if I make it again. The fabric is a super light cotton and the ties are made with a yellow linen. Its a wonderful style for the blistering Arizona summers.


I am going to work hard to post all my finished and back logged projects over this summer – still working on finding the right spot with the right lighting in my new house but I will find it!!

Any tips for taking pictures in your home? I may end up using my ridiculous fabric wall as my future backdrop.


Last month I went to LA and crashed the LA sewing blogger meet up. We had lunch together and then did some shopping at The Fabric Store.

I wore my trusty Arizona Emery and got to meet tons of sweet and talented ladies.

I stole this one from Erin who was just as cool as you would imagine. Wished I lived closer to these ladies.

While in LA we passed a restaurant called The Proud Bird and when you see my dress you’ll understand why we had to stop for brunch here.

This was one of my unblogged Emery dresses which has the cutest cloud and hot air balloons printed on it.

The wind was really annoying me as you can tell. But the brunch was great and my dress fit in well with all the planes.

Hope everyone had a lovely and safe 4th of July!! I am working this month to unclog some of my unblogged projects. When I listed out all the items I’ve made but haven’t blogged about it was a little embarrassing. I know what I’m doing this month!!


This past weekend we decided to take a long weekend and head to southern california. It was 108 degrees in Phoenix so its really not hard to come up with an excuse to head to a cooler land.

I crashed the LA Sewing Blogger Meetup and spent a lot of time at the hotel pool – basically the best weekend in a while!

On the way into Los Angeles we stopped at the “World’s Biggest Dinosaurs!” I have a mandatory rule of stopping at these faux giant dinosaurs at least once per year.

Its a super cheesy “robotic” dinosaur exhibit where you can climb up inside giant dino’s and dig for fossils. I’m such a sucker for all things cheese so this place is right up my alley.


I wore the last piece of my Arizona collection which is a modified Scout tee you may have seen posted on Instagram a couple times including in my Me Made May adventures.





I basically took the Scout and cut it straight across just above the armpit area and made a color blocked variation. I also omitted the sleeves but rounded out my shoulder to give a teeny cap on it. I also used the swingy back variation for the back which is my favorite! I finished the arms and neck with single fold bias binding.

I’m really loving the lacy section – makes me feel way more dressed up even tho this top is equivalent to a t-shirt!

Soon more pics from the weekend!

See the other two pieces from my Arizona collection here and here.


So I have been sewing up Emery dresses like crazy these but I have only blogged about this one.

I’m moving to a new apartment next week so I’m trying to savor my last week in my current neighborhood – spent the morning walking to the farmers market to get peaches for some yummy cobbler and drinking excessive amounts of coffee. What every Saturday should consist of!

Yet again I wore one of my favorite patterns the Emery dress! I have totally mastered this pattern now that I’m nearing double digits on the versions I’ve made.

I went with minimal adjustments just took 3/4″ off the length of the bodice. Everything else is perfect. Don’t mind the weird lines and bunching in the photos those are due solely to poor posture and lack of ironing.




I used the leftover fabric I had from my Macaron so long ago – still more left for an already cut out Tova!

Okay 2 Emery’s down a bunch more to go!!


This is a super long post so be warned. For the past few years I’ve been making a birthday list of thing I want to accomplish the ensuing year – so since my birthday fell at the end of April its about time to put my next goals out there and recap last years list.

Let me tell you this past year turned out to be absolutely nothing like I thought it would.

In my 25th year on earth I ended a very long term relationship, moved out on my own again to a shoebox studio in downtown Phoenix, had a lot of pity parties for myself, then learned so much about myself and what I want out of life, reconnected with the one I thought got away, and now we are planning our future and wedding together. Overall it was a crazytown of a year but in the end I wouldn’t really change any of it.

I think I grew into a really different person this year and I am really proud of it. This has been my mantra for the year.

So anyways here’s the review of my 25 before 26 list. I did just fine this year and I’m really okay with most of the things that didn’t get done. They ended up being non-priorities.

  1. See Allison, my sister, get married! Had an absolute blast checking this one off.
  2. Visit a state I’ve never been to. – I visited my oldest friend in Texas this past fall – We had such a fun time exploring Austin and ate like 93745973 tacos between the two of us.
  3. Participate in Me Made May 2013! – this didn’t work out because I ended up moving last second right at the beginning of the month and it just didn’t work.
  4. Sew a pair of well fitting pants – I sort of realized I didn’t care about this one lol At this moment I’m all about making things that are satisfying and will get a lot of use. Maybe I’ll revisit this some day.
  5. Stop biting my nails – I’m crossing this off but its a work in progress. I got my own gel nail set and lamp thing which has helped immensely.
  6. Decorate my new place – I definitely made my little space as cute and functional as possible. I will actually miss how tiny and cozy it is when we move next month.
  7. Complete Gertie’s Bombshell class and dress – As I said before I’m trying to focus on more practical items in my wardrobe so this didn’t make the cut.
  8. Spend a few days in Napa and the Bay area after Allison’s wedding – I didn’t get as much time as I would have liked but we did spend a couple days before the wedding in the napa valley and I spent a day in San Francisco after the wedding. I’m ready to relive those days very soon!
  9. Eat breakfast more often – I did soo good at this one.
  10. Read or listen to more books – I spend a lot of time driving from client to client for my work so I listened to tons of podcasts and books this year. Would have done even better if my funds were unlimited.
  11. Visit a new and possibly weird museum – I sort of perused a mining museum on my weekend trip to Jerome this fall. I’m counting it.
  12. Go on longer bike rides – I definitely rode my bike and walked way more once I moved downtown but I didn’t really ride longer distances.
  13. Try a new recipe every month - Did way better then one a month on this goal!
  14. Sew more tops – Did really good at this but not good at bloggin my makes lol
  15. Work on my debt snowball and stick to my strict budget. – did okay on this one but unfortunately this next year is all about the wedding fund.
  16. Drink more water – check!
  17. Start a new tradition - I did some volunteering at Christmas time and it was so much fun. I definitely want to do that every year.
  18. Take a spontaneous weekend trip. - Went to Jerome on a whim and it was magical!
  19. Bake some bread - this was a yummy one to check off
  20. Learn to use my serger to its full capabilities – I got a new serger and it has totally brought my sewing mojo back!
  21. Sew some cute pajamas – not even close on this one.
  22. Hike the Grand Canyon – I actually had a plan to do this one at the end of May but it turns out I need to be moving that weekend but James and I are planning to try for this in the fall.
  23. Complete a month long photo challenge – I started but really failed at this one but I’m fine with it.
  24. Try making pasta from scratch – nope.
  25. Have my favorite year yet! - Even with a lot of ups and downs this was such a great year. I can’t wait to make next year even better.

And just cus you know, what kind of lady would I be if I didn’t post some bragging photos from my engagement?

And if anyone is still with me here’s my birthday list for the year

  1. Get married! April 4, 2015! – Don’t even bother asking, I’m not making my wedding dress lol I can’t handle that kind of pressure!
  2. Enjoy the process of wedding planning – I’m trying to savor every fun, tearful, and frustrating moment!
  3. Knit a sweater – I got the My First Sweater class form craftsy so this one is already in the works!
  4. Visit a new state
  5. Get hypnotized and see if it conquers my fear of flying – I have my next session this week!
  6. Do regular volunteering
  7. Find a type of exercise I enjoy
  8. Sew something pretty for our engagement photos
  9. Go on a self date once a month
  10. Keep in better contact with friends and family
  11. Have 25% of my wardrobe handmade but only if its fun and useful (i’m trying to keep things realistic this year)
  12. Pick a few important projects to DIY for the wedding (I’m not interested in doing every single thing myself but i do need some touches of me to make it perfect)
  13. Get another tattoo
  14. Discover more of downtown phoenix
  15. Fill up my recipe book
  16. Really organize my sewing space
  17. Participate in May Made May – In the works!
  18. Take a trip and visit my sister and hermano
  19. Sew some jammies!
  20. Ride bikes to the farmers market for fresh shopping!
  21. Make new friends – I’m planning to start a Phoenix based sewing group once I move into my new and much bigger place. It would be great to meet some more sewers!
  22. Sell something I’ve made but only if it s a fun process (again lets keep it realistic)
  23. Become more involved in blogs (reading other cool blogs, commenting, and collaborating)
  24. Sew something for my mama.
  25. Try to be better about blogging the things I’ve sewn – I’m hoping this will improve once I’ve moved since there’s no space in my current place and everyone knows I’m way too chicken to venture out into public with a tripod and remote.
  26. Have the best year yet! – I may roll this one over each year!


Do you keep a goal list for the new or keep new years resolutions? How do you stay motivated or hold yourself accountable?


I’ve fondly nicknamed this skirt my mom skirt – don’t worry this is not some sort of baby announcement shrouded in denim!

I know my last project was also a Miette but hey, if you find something you like and is practical for your lifestyle then go ahead and make a million versions! Consider yourselves warned!

We snapped these pictures on the way to the Phoenix Public Market this morning. The weather here in Phoenix has been out of control beautiful and weekend walks for breakfast are my favorite! If you live in the valley you should be eating the Flanched Flarney Garney  at the public market as frequently as possible – trust me!

I made a couple minor adjustments from my last version including lengthening the hem, adding the pockets, and increasing the overlap in the back of the skirt.

I chose to add a couple extra inches to the overlap because my fabric was much lighter than my first version and I don’t like the feeling that I’m going to be flashing the general public at any point.

Obviously I am digging the giant pockets!! Makes for less awkward hands in photos which is a very good thing.

We went and saw a late night showing of Captain America last night so I was inspired to infuse a little action into my photos. This was the most flattering of the bunch which isn’t saying too much.

On a side note I downloaded the mini collection of actions from A Beautiful Mess and I am going to start saving my pennies for the complete collection. These photos are edited with the Norma filter.

Off to make 79043753 more Miettes!!


I finished this skirt a few weeks ago. Its my first Miette skirt from Tilly and the Buttons and I must say I see a couple more of these ladies in my future.

This skirt has just the right amount of flare and would be perfect for beginners since there are no closures to sew! I finished mine up from cutting to hemming easily within one evening. Who doesn’t love an instant satisfaction project!

I used this striped denim print that I got at Joanns. I knew I want to use the stripes on the bias and I actually had no trouble getting things to line up in the front and on the sides. Due to the stripes I omitted the pockets but next time I will definitely add them.

See how excited I am that all those stripes lined up!!

2 out 3 parts of the Arizona collection done! I am on a sewing roll these days but I definitely need to work on my photo taking roll so I can actually post all of these things!


This weekend James and I hit the opening weekend of the Renaissance festival. Which in case your state doesn’t have one is an awesome event where the weirdest group of people come together at a medieval amusement park. There are costumes, shows, jousting, food, and so much more. Above all it makes for superb people watching. I went this weekend with two goals – #! get a flower crown and #2 eat a turkey leg. I accomplished both within the first hour so everything else was just a bonus.

I wore my favorite polka dotted scout tee which I realized has never made an appearance on the blog. I have multiple other scouts in the works. It is really such a great pattern – simple straight forward construction, versatile style, and endless variation possibilities! I added the tiny pocket from Grainline Studio’s Tiny pocket tank to give it a little pizzaz!

On top of all the other cool stuff we stumbled upon elephant and camel rides which I found to be super random but we jumped on the opportunity to ride an elephant. If you know me you know I had quite a fondness for elephants and this was my first time getting to ride one. Crossed that off my bucket list!!

What sort of fun things did you do this weekend?

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