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23 Before 24

So Easter Sunday was also my 23rd birthday. We pretty much celebrated the whole vacation so I just went to dinner with James and my family.

I am a perpetual list and goal maker so I thought I’d take inspiration from many other bloggers and write a list for the year.

Twenty three things I want to do/accomplish before my 24th birthday.

So in no particular order

  1. Take a pattern drafting class.
  2. Give this here blog a much needed makeover.
  3. Finish all my UFO’s and alterations and from then on only work on one project at a time.
  4. Move into my own place, tho my mom says I can stay forever, I’m feeling cramped for space these days.
  5. Explore Arizona more!
  6. Then visit two new states!
  7. Read 10 books from the 100 Book to Read Before You Die List
  8. Pay off everything besides my school loans (the school loans will have to wait a few more years)
  9. Take better care of myself, i.e., this will mean forcing myself to go the dentist and probably the chiropractor on a regular basis.
  10. Learn to use my serger to its full capabilities.
  11. Spend more time outdoors.
  12. Trim my wardrobe to a manageable amount of practical items with a few spots left for whimsy and fun.
  13. Take out my gauges; I love them but I think its time plus I miss wearing cute earrings. You probably didn’t even know I have 00g in my ears. They aren’t huge and noticeable but I’ve had them for a long time.
  14. Finally get the tattoo I’ve been wanting for years.
  15. Start a life scrapbook… this will be a set of pages for each year of life to tell my story and for my future family.
  16. Get a new hobby or collection… I’m hoping for one to do with my boyfriend so we can do things other than watch movies and fall asleep like old people. Suggestions?
  17. Make some new local friends… this is a constant goal for me as the industry I work in doesn’t allow for much socializing with anyone my same age!
  18. Expand my vinyl collection.
  19. Start saving for a new car.. this one is slightly already in progress.
  20. Visit my sister in Redding. I haven’t gone up to visit since she moved there and the guilt is building.
  21. Go to more concerts, every time I go I remember how much I love them and would love to make it a more regular thing.
  22. Cut down my pattern collection to only items I will sew again or will sew in the future.
  23. Work on my musical skills… Hopefully soon you can see what this entails.

Well I could keep going but we will stop there for now.I’m hoping this list will keep me focused and on a path to be even happier with my life.

What are your goals for the next year of your life? Anything fun and exciting?



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7 Responses to 23 Before 24

  1. Melrose says:

    awesome list!
    no idea you had 00g! I used to have 2’s but i encountered the same dilemma! My earring collection is ridiculous now!

    My ex bf and I used to be the same way…. I think we had seen every horror movie ever made! With the new guy we’re trying totally random things… bowling, hiking, baking… it definitely adds some much needed excitement to my life!

    Good luck with your goals! And happy belated Birthday!

  2. Sarah Beth says:

    My birthday was Sunday too! I made a to do list myself. Happy Birthday!

  3. Angie says:

    Well Happy Birthday to you Sarah Beth! Hope you had a lovely day!

  4. Liana says:

    You might want to try geocaching. It’s a great hobby and it will definitely get you off the couch.

  5. Happy birthday! We’re just a day apart…I turned 23 on Monday. I love the list. I’ve been inspired to do a 25 before 25 for so long…think I might do it now.

  6. laura says:

    happy belated birthday, dear!

    your plans sound lovely, really inspiring! i guess i’ll also do a “22 before 23” list this autumn.

  7. B says:

    Happy Birthday! I adore Arizona, it may be one of my favorite states!

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