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Week/end Update

This week started out so nicely. My cousin, his wife, and their one year old stopped in town last minute and they came for a tasty brunch on Memorial day. My mama made quiche and I made these delicious muenster cheese potatoes.

By the end of the week we made the last minute decision that I would fly up to northern California and meet up with my sister in order to help her make the drive here to Arizona. We stopped at Anderson’s Pea Soup which is the best and then headed down to Burbank to see some friends.

Yes, we are related haha

We finished up our drive this morning! I’m very glad to have my built in friend home for a couple weeks!

Last Week’s Goals

  1. Read the book “Happiness Project”. Not so good on this goal. I’m about half way through and thusly I am moving this goal to the current weeks list!
  2. Eat breakfast everyday. The fact that we had a huge brunch on Monday with tons of leftovers made for lots of yummy leftovers. I loved everyone’s b-fast suggestions. This is a goal that I want to make an everyday occurrence.
  3. Learn to thread my serger. I did it!! I can’t say I’m going to be changing thread too often especially cus I have no manual and it was quite the guessing game but the task is finished and I’m proud of that!

This week’s goals

  1. Finish the “The Happiness Project”. This time I will really do it!
  2. I want to cut done on the junk I have accumulated so I’d like to get about 20 new Etsy listings up.
  3. Finally I think I want/deserve a little pampering so I’d like to get my hair cut and colored and get a manicure. Yay!

PS I’m at the point where I may burn that stupid checkered dress because I cannot get it together right! Ugh I did finish the red dress and of course when I tried it on the zipper got stuck and broke… just my luck!

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2 Responses to Week/end Update

  1. laura says:

    i NEVER thread my singer by hand (unless one thread gets pulled out or something) and it’s not neccessary at all! just make a little knot when you use a new color and pull it through carefully. stop right before the needle, cut the knot off and thread the needle. that’s it. (:

    i forgot to tell you about my breakfast: i either eat bread with cheese or jam or i eat low-fat yogurt (or quark) with self-made crunchy. crunchy is so easy to make! just mix oat flakes with some spoons full of honey, cover a sheet of iron (?) with them and put them in the oven. then you have to stir them every now and then, so they don’t burn. when the crunchy has a gold-brown color, take it out, mix it with nuts and seed and you’re done! yummy!

    so sorry about your projects… but i think you’ll find a solution. (btw, now and then, i also say goodbye to old projects when i failed…)

  2. Great job threading your serger! Yippee! And I LOVE your hair in rollers – your fringe looks so cute! xoxo

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