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In The Flowers

So I’ve started up my Summer Wardrobe Essentials project with this little blouse… Im making the sleeveless version with the collar.

I’ve had this light weight floral print cotton for quite some time and its so perfect for a summery blouse.

I have the blouse almost all together. I just need to do the buttonholes and the buttons and attach the facings. Unfortunately I lent my sewing machine to my grandma (isn’t that the opposite of how it usually goes haha). So now I have to wait a bit to get it back and finish up this project! In the mean time I guess I will cut out and pin together all my other projects!

What projects are you working on?

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5 Responses to In The Flowers

  1. Screamstress says:

    Oooh! There’s nothing worse than wanting to create and being thwarted! At least you’ll have a stack of projects ready to go when you get your machine back! Have a look at my blog to see the completely random selection of things I’ve been working on!

  2. Michelle says:

    Lovely fabric – suits that pattern perfectly!

    Currently I’m working on getting my arse back into my sewing room. Am suffering a complete lack of motivation! It’s winter here, and I really need to make some warm skirts and jackets. Today’s freezing weather should really be motivation enough!

    Hope you get your sewing machine back soon.

  3. Kyla says:

    Hello, there, just a general comment on the blog, found you while I should be studying for class, but…. oh well. Anyway I adore your blog. Keep up the good work, and I hope to be a as skilled sewist as you, one day very soon.

  4. Hi, i love your fabric choice and the blouse style. I’m working on a summer dress but its not going well, hopefully it will be finished before summer ends :)

  5. wow, that’s amazing, I just bought a very similar fabric yesterday, and I was considering making the peter pan collared sleeveless blouse from simplicity 8389 with it, which reminds me of your pattern…

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