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Summer Essentials – Striped Crop Top

So this wasnt in my original project list but since we have all the way until August I am going to be ambitious and add an extra top.

I used the Port Elizabeth Top  pattern that the lovely Goldfinch and Eagle posted. The pattern is free and super simple. And its a great loose fitted crop style top that is super comfy and popular this summer. Its a great beginners project!! It only took about an hour in total to finish this up. Gotta love instant satisfaction sewing!

I used some striped cotton I’ve had in my thrifted fabric stash for forever and I just love how it turned out. This is like the perfect summertime outfit for me especially the headscarf since my hair is at a super awkward length right now and all I want to do is cover it up!

I opted to cut the front pattern pieces on the fold instead of having a seam down the front.

I look a bit like a pirate but who cares!! Hope everyone has a spectacular weekend!

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9 Responses to Summer Essentials – Striped Crop Top

  1. Tasia says:

    Super cute top – and yet so simple! Hope you have a fantastic weekend too :)

  2. You look totally cool with this outfit,I’ve seen a lot of girls wear their scarves like that, not a lot can pull it off, but you certainly can, you look awesome.

  3. gwenstella says:

    i love this top! this is so in style right now. 😀

  4. Hazelstar says:

    I just happen to come across your blog, and I love it!
    You are very creative, I like your style and how you reinvent from old clothes! I’m now inspired to sew my own things…
    Keep the good job!

    Cheers from France!

    * * * *

  5. i want to try this pattern too, i have seen it on burda! good job :)

  6. Thanks for using my pattern! I love this top in striped fabric-you’ve inspired me! It looks really well made; well done you!
    Sarah x

  7. You are so freakin cute! I love this top that you made.

    And I also wanted to add: HOLY S’MORES! I’M SO GLAD I FOUND YOUR BLOG! In all Caps so you know how serious I izzz. I would love to sew as well as you. Very inspiring 😀

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