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20. Visit Chicago

This past weekend I got to spend the weekend in the Windy City and thus can check off number twenty off of my 24 before 25 list.

We ate tons of food, walked a million miles, and thoroughly explored the city.

It actually looked like fall in Chicago which is such a pleasant change from the 90 degree weather in Arizona!

20. Visit Chicago

Off to the next list item!

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5 Responses to 20. Visit Chicago

  1. Gaby says:

    Ooh how lovely! Do you think the list has really lit the fire under you to accomplish these things, or do you think you would have visited Chicago this year regardless of the list?

  2. Erin says:

    Long time lurker popping in to say you two make an adorable couple!

  3. Kara says:

    I luuuuurve Chicago! So jealous you’re there. We went last in August and it was so freaking gorgeous. I don’t love it at this time of year haha…

  4. Michelle says:

    I was in Chicago at exactly this time last year, and I was disappointed to miss out on the fall leaves! We didn’t get much of fall anywhere. But Chicago. Oh what a wonderful city! Absolutely loved it., the architecture, everything!

  5. lisa says:

    I love both of the photos of you two, super cute :) I really want to visit Chicago! I spent one night there on a cross country drive um, like 15 years ago- I think I need to really visit and explore!

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