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Peony Muslin – Take One

I intended to make this to wear in Chicago but once it was altogether we had some kinks to work out first.

The darts are just about 100% wrong. The pulling between the front darts seems to be because the darts are too close together and too long. The pulling makes the top seem really tight and small which weirdly is not the case. It in fact feels a little big on the sides.

The neck also feels likes i’m being choked so thats definitely going to have to be lowered.

And on top of all that there is tons of gaping at the back neck.

I am pleased with using a full skirt instead of the a-line one the pattern calls for and the fabric choice but thats about it.
Back to the sewing table it is.

On another note forgive the slightly crappy pictures – it is getting really hard to take pictures after work now that its getting dark sooner and sooner. I’m going to have to come up with another time to get these things done.

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7 Responses to Peony Muslin – Take One

  1. caro says:

    Despite the fit problems- I love the full skirt and the colour blocking.

  2. Laura says:

    It looks like the waistline might be too high? If that was further down the darts may sit in the right place? Looks great so far though! :)

  3. ShanniLoves says:

    I really love it with the full skirt and color blocking! I had the same problem with the bodice darts as well. I had to shorten and move mine over.

  4. Darsana says:

    I had (have) the exact same problems with my Peony muslin! I’ve seen that a lot of people have had similar problems with those too-closely-set-together darts, but there hasn’t been any consensus that this was a Colette drafting error. I haven’t tackled fixing it yet, but I’ll be moving the front darts apart/shortening them, and increasing/lengthening the back darts to take away the gap. Although, I’m not sure if I should also attempt a small bust adjustment? Looking forward to see what you do!

  5. Rochelle New says:

    I had the exact same issues with my muslin! Yours looks adorable though. I love the contrasting band at the bottom :)

  6. Clare says:

    Lauren did a post on the Peony’s odd bust darts recently in case you hadn’t seen it:

  7. sewamysew says:

    I see what you mean! I had the same gaping at the back and the bodice darts looked too close together which I think do on you here too. I think I’ll have to do a full skirt version, great idea.

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