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Sea Scallop Shorts

So orginially I was goiing to work on a pair of sailor style shorts for my summer wardrobe essentials list but…

I have been seeing bloggers all over raving over scalloped hem shorts.

So what the hey. I can totally make a pair of these babies and it saves me from all the buttonholes associated with sailor shorts haha.

I am modifying Mccalls 3688 to make my shorts.

I already have my shorts almost completely together I just gotta put in the zipper then do the scallop hem. Im thinking this could be a great DIY way to modify thrifted shorts into something awesome. I could make a how to if anyone is interested??

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14 Responses to Sea Scallop Shorts

  1. Karin says:

    Hah, so you think scallop hems are less work than a few buttons? I could be wrong, but I’m a bit scared of both, to be honest…
    I really have been gone from the blogging world for a while, I totally missed out on all the scallop hemmed shorts, thanks for filling in the blank.
    And a how to is always a great idea!

  2. adelaide b says:

    A how-to would be wonderful! Scalloping is something I always mess up on vintage patterns. I can’t wait to see your shorts!

  3. Megan says:

    I personally would love a how to! I have so many pairs of shorts to refashion that could definitely benefit from it. My legs thank you!

  4. Tilly says:

    Scallops on ANYTHING is a good move. Can’t wait to see them!

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  6. McKenzie says:

    I would love for you to make a how-to! Please do it! :)

  7. gwenstella says:

    oooh a how-to would be lovely! 😀

  8. Renata says:

    Yes pleaaase!!

  9. woman says:

    yes please tooooo! 😀 heart heart heart scallops!

  10. ashvegas says:

    Yes, I would loooove a tutorial, i love these shorts!!

  11. ashvegas says:

    Yes, please, I would love to see a tutorial for these!

  12. loquepuedeunsastre says:

    I know this is very late, but I too would love a how-to!

  13. Ruby Ladybeetle says:

    I have been after a pattern for high waisted scalloped shorts for ages!
    Pleeeeese may I have a pattern for these. Ruby

  14. Genese says:

    Please make a HOW-TO :)

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