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The Arizona Collection Pt 2

I finished this skirt a few weeks ago. Its my first Miette skirt from Tilly and the Buttons and I must say I see a couple more of these ladies in my future.

This skirt has just the right amount of flare and would be perfect for beginners since there are no closures to sew! I finished mine up from cutting to hemming easily within one evening. Who doesn’t love an instant satisfaction project!

I used this striped denim print that I got at Joanns. I knew I want to use the stripes on the bias and I actually had no trouble getting things to line up in the front and on the sides. Due to the stripes I omitted the pockets but next time I will definitely add them.

See how excited I am that all those stripes lined up!!

2 out 3 parts of the Arizona collection done! I am on a sewing roll these days but I definitely need to work on my photo taking roll so I can actually post all of these things!

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8 Responses to The Arizona Collection Pt 2

  1. erin says:

    Love the way the stripes meet in the middle and the side seam.

  2. angela says:

    Very cute! Love what you’ve done with the stripes!

  3. Rox says:

    Awesome skirt: looks breezy. I love your Arizona collection idea: what is the last garment?

  4. Tilly says:

    Love it! Great fabric choice – now you’ve got me dreaming of a striped/chevron Miette too… x

  5. Amy says:

    Great skirt! Love those chevrons. Maybe you need to have a big photo shoot with costume changes so you can photograph everything at once!? Though that sounds like hard work though :-)

  6. Smittenness says:

    Just came across your blog after searching for rompers. Love the simplicity 6083 you made a few years ago. You make gorgeous stuff! Very inspiring

  7. Kath says:

    I adore the skirt. I’m a big fan of chevrons too. The things you make continue to inspire me!

  8. Lynn says:

    Wow. Great job getting all the stripes to line up. I am so envious of your skill.

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