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LA Blogger Meetup & a High Flying Emery

Last month I went to LA and crashed the LA sewing blogger meet up. We had lunch together and then did some shopping at The Fabric Store.

I wore my trusty Arizona Emery and got to meet tons of sweet and talented ladies.

I stole this one from Erin who was just as cool as you would imagine. Wished I lived closer to these ladies.

While in LA we passed a restaurant called The Proud Bird and when you see my dress you’ll understand why we had to stop for brunch here.

This was one of my unblogged Emery dresses which has the cutest cloud and hot air balloons printed on it.

The wind was really annoying me as you can tell. But the brunch was great and my dress fit in well with all the planes.

Hope everyone had a lovely and safe 4th of July!! I am working this month to unclog some of my unblogged projects. When I listed out all the items I’ve made but haven’t blogged about it was a little embarrassing. I know what I’m doing this month!!

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7 Responses to LA Blogger Meetup & a High Flying Emery

  1. Marie says:

    Eeep, what a gorgeous Emery…that fabric is adorable!!

  2. Rox says:

    Love that print! You sure know how to pick them: I find your fabric choices make the Emery a little less sweet (in a good way!). Awesome job!

  3. oonaballoona says:

    the wind saw your dress and couldn’t resist. THOSE BALLOONS.

  4. I was soooooo happy that you made it to the meetup! And I totally wish that we lived closer together, we’d have such fun sewing days :)

    Your Emery dress is cute, just like you!

  5. Jill says:

    It was fantastic meeting you-so, so glad you made it all the way from Arizona!

  6. Juli says:

    Omg, that dress is ADORABLE (in the absolute best way)! Love your Emery – awesome fabric choice!! 😀

  7. Sophie-Lee says:

    Holy CRIPES that fabric is amazing!!! And you’ve got the fit down so well on the Emery – by all accounts it’s an excellent pattern (that I’m trying not to buy, because I should be able to make the pattern from one I already own!)

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