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Year Old Crepes

This is post is much tastier than the title might imply. I promise!!

I started this Crepe dress from Colette Patterns last summer but its been sitting very sadly and patiently in my UFO box waiting for me to regain my patience with hand sewing and baste the facings down. Last week I rediscovered her and finished it in like 15 mins. It was quite satisfying and I’m embarrassed I waited so long.


I wore the dress on Saturday to church and then we went out to lunch and discovered a super cute new cafe in Scottsdale called Alo. It has by far some of the best belgian waffles you can find locally – perfectly cooked with just the slightest crispness on top! Plus the owner saw my sewing machine tattoo and asked me if I was a fabric artist! We then got to have a nice conversation about sewing and she told us all about the history of the man for whom the cafe is named. It was a lovely Saturday.



This was my first go with this pattern so I didn’t make any adjustments and I’m fairly pleased with it but I would make some fit adjustments around the shoulders and arm areas if I make it again. The fabric is a super light cotton and the ties are made with a yellow linen. Its a wonderful style for the blistering Arizona summers.


I am going to work hard to post all my finished and back logged projects over this summer – still working on finding the right spot with the right lighting in my new house but I will find it!!

Any tips for taking pictures in your home? I may end up using my ridiculous fabric wall as my future backdrop.

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12 Responses to Year Old Crepes

  1. Burke says:

    Very cute! I’ve been considering giving this pattern a go!

  2. Jacqui says:

    How funny, I *just* finished a Crepe that had been sitting unfinished in my sewing closet for 8 months! Similarly, it was a super-quick finish once I set out to do it, and very happy with the results.

    I love your yellow blue combo – just lovely.

  3. How lovely! That pretty blue fabric with the yellow linen waist tie is a gorgeous combination. I too have had a Crepe sitting in my UFO pile for far too long. Worse, I cut out the bodice, but never braved all those skirt panels! Total laziness. Your sweet version may get me to finally overcome that cutting malaise!

  4. Giusy says:

    Congrats on your finished dress! The Crepe dress is one of my favorite wearing since i make it two year ago. I love how yours turn out, the scalloped collar and sleeves. I love the accent of the waist band and oh your shoes!! Well done!
    About photos in the home just find a good illumination, beside a window when you get more natural light and try different angle to capture the best like and avoid black shadows. :)

  5. Kim says:

    Super cute! I love the contrasting ties.. I still need to find my crepe pattern again after I let one of my sewing friends borrow it.. My wearable muslin turned out a bit too big, but I love the pattern!

  6. Rachel says:

    Ahhh what a cute dress! I love the sash. Rock it, girl!

  7. docksjö says:

    Beautiful, love the contrasting bands.

  8. Juli says:

    Really cute! Love the blue and yellow combo! And ummm, a little off topic but… that waffle looks seriously amazing. My husband is from Phoenix and we might have to check out that cafe the next time we visit!

  9. Elizabeth says:

    So cute, love the mustard yellow with the blue- one of my personal favorite color combos! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Kelli says:

    Adorable! I hate facings so I feel your pain. I usually take home pics in front of our fireplace, but the I have to use a flash or the lighting is too yellow. A ridiculous fabric wall would be super fun as a backdrop!

  11. Kelli says:

    Adorable dress!
    A ridiculous fabric wall would be a great backdrop – I usually stand in front of our fireplace, but our lighting is on the yellow side so I always need a flash.

  12. Sophie-Lee says:

    Gorgeous! Whenever I see someone make this pattern I think how much I like it, although I don’t really like my own version of it (maybe to do with the fabric or the fitting, I’m not sure).

    I’ve done the exact same thing with UFO’s, though – finally pulled them out of my “to do” pile and finished them in less than half an hour!

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