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Searching For Meaning In A Throwaway World – Sexy Hexy Love Quilt

I have made embarassingly little progress on my swimsuit but I have been recently inspired by a book I read called “Made By Hand – Searching for Meaning in a Throwaway World”. It was written by Mark Frauenfelder and it follows him as he journeys through a year long adventure of trying to make his world more meaningful by creating things by hand. He keeps bees, raises chickens, builds his own guitars, and creates the perfect cup of espresso.

I’ve been thinking for a while that I would prefer for the things I have in my life at least the things I surround myself to have more meaning, like have some history.

Well anyways this takes me to a new project I want to conquer in the next two weeks.

That is making my first ever full sized quilt.

I am making Amy Butler’s Sexy Hexy Love Quilt. The pattern can be downloaded for free here along with a bunch of other awesome patterns and projects.

I have most of the pieces cut and I hope to have it all cut out and laid out by the end of the week. I think it will be awesome to sleep under something every night that I created with my own two little hands!

Any quilting tips for me?

Do you feel like handmade items have a special quality too?

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8 Responses to Searching For Meaning In A Throwaway World – Sexy Hexy Love Quilt

  1. Sherri says:

    The book sounds amazing! Thank you for sharing, I must get a copy.

    Good luck with the quilt.
    When I married, I made a quilt for our bed. Although I did not follow a pattern I found the results lovely.
    You too will enjoy sleeping beneath your own creation for years to come.
    As for advise, I haven’t any. You are so talented, you should have no worries.
    p.s for my quilt I appliquéd a moon in the center. the quilt was made from vintage fabrics from both my Mom’s and Grandmother’s stash.

  2. I love making quilts! I’ve made two, I’m only a beginner though. =)

  3. Miki DeHaven says:

    Quilting is hard, but COMPLETELY worth it. I would say have a layout and size in mind before you begin (I just kinda winged it on my last one and it turned out okay but could have been way better.)

    Also, I thought of you today when I saw this blog
    Didnt know if you had seen this already, but she reminds me of you and your refashion successes.

    Anyway, hope you’re having a great day! Email me your shipping address so I can kick myself in the butt to finish your headband this week!

  4. i have totally been wanting to quilt lately! but with faded vintage floral fabrics and a modern pattern :) i have never quilted but love this pattern!

  5. I’ve never had the desire to make a quilt….until I read this post! (I feel like such a copycat.) I guess what you said about sleeping under something you made with your own hands resonated with me. Plus, I always enjoy a new challenge!

  6. Maryjohn says:

    Handmade items that you use everyday are so very special. My first quilt was made in a weird way. I scored a couple dozen white napkins and I did a painting on each one with acrylic paints that I later heat set. The colours in each painting were in the same range. Then I sewed the napkins together, laid the piece over batting and backing, and quilted around the images in the paintings. Then I added binding. It took a long time but the process was wonderful. It won a prize as a wall hanging in an art show, and it sold to a young woman who has since used it for each of her children. It has been washed and dried and spit up on many times and is still lovely and vibrant. In fact, with the use it has achieved even more loveliness.

    About two years ago I decided to try to learn to make most of my clothes, and much of my household necessities. I don’t worry too much about doing it ‘right’, but I figure out what makes sense, and do that…Most of the time things turn out although every so often disaster strikes. But the doing and the learning are always absorbing and fun.

    Good luck with your quilt. It will be wonderful and you will love sleeping under it.

  7. Katherine says:

    What an awesome idea! I used to help my mum make quilts after my aunty got her into it, and I’d always end up doing the hand quilting, so it put me off quilting. Also, she preferred the rustic designs and I am more of a colourful kind of person. Are you planning on machine quilting all of it, or doing some hand work?

  8. Molly says:

    I only give homemade gifts ever since I learned how to sew. I think people appreciate that extra effort. Love your blog!

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