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SSS Wrap Up, Days 24-30

Well how did I end up a week behind on this?? It was pretty easy but I finally had to retake some pics and am ready to show off my last few days worth of work.

Day 24 -I got this cheery dress a while ago from one of my new favorite spots called Halo. All of their dresses are just $4. I was a bit scared of this shade of yellow but for that price I thought why not give it a go? I actually think its not a terrible shade in the end. It looks much better than its previous size 16 counterpart.

Day 25 – Got this XL nautical jumper for un dollar at goodwill now all I need is to find a yahct for a dollar to wear it on!

Day 26 – So I thrifted this skirt a long long time ago but it wasn’t til recently that I decided on what length to shorten it to. I think I picked the perfect one though and It looks awesome with this vintage sweater I mended as well.

Day 27 – So this is the outfit I wore to the show I went to with the Drums and Surfer Blood. The skirt was majorly altered but  did it the day of the show and didn’t get a before of the skirt. Lets just say it was a size 12 and its more like 2-4 now. My whole outfit only cost $9.50 and six dollars of that was spent on the shoes haha.

Day 28 – This is probably my new favorite house dress. Thrifted for a buck and taken in a couple inches at each side.

Day 29 – Just scrubs today no cool outfit for you.. boo

Day 30 –

Its been raining the past couple days so pictures are out of the question but I hope on Thursday or Friday I can show you the finished red dress!

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