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Polka Power

Have you ever found yourself in a clothing rut?? Cus I have been feeling waist deep in a hole of fashion despair lately.

I’ve been trying to pare down my wardrobe to items I wear on a regular basis except that this means I have eliminated some of my options. I litterally had a little meltdown this weekend when I could not for the life of me find anything I wanted to wear. Thats how bad my rut is! Haha

I think it might kind of fun to force myself to come up with  some new outfits. So when I debut some of my new refashions and sewing projects I am going to show you how I will actually wear it (accessories, shoes, etc.) for two different looks.

Remember a while ago I posted a polka dot skirt I thrifted for a buck at Goodwill and was working on a redo for it.

This is the finished product made from Butterick 5486.

And here is what it came from.

The print is a small polka dot.

Here is a couple ways I could wear this versatile little number. Since is still pretty much hot as blazes here in the desert, sandals and a little cardigan work perfect for daytime.

And for a cooler night or an outfit for a bit later into Arizona’s “winter”, I could pair the dress with tights, boots, and a striped cardigan.

That was fun! Well at least it was for me!

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12 Responses to Polka Power

  1. Denise says:

    I totally know what you are talking about! I get into funks with my wardrobe, too. It seems to be a mood thing for me. Some days I just don’t like anything I own. Mostly, I think I’m just not great at putting stuff together. Then all of sudden I’ll realize I can wear A with B. And boom! I have something interesting to wear.

  2. emeraldflare says:

    cute! you are so talented! btw really like your hair :o)

  3. afreckledlip says:

    I love this dress. So cute. The two different outfits are great, Love it.

  4. Callipygian says:

    I love it, and look forward to more Real-Life Looks!

  5. how awesome, love the change up!

  6. I love how you used the thrift skirt material to make that fresh and stylish dress. It looks great and has a lot of style options!

  7. Tilly says:

    Fantastic! Love both of those looks too.

  8. Tasia says:

    Super cute both ways!

  9. mommymae says:

    LOVE it with the stripes and boots!

  10. v says:

    Very impressed with how the dress came out!

  11. shey says:

    You did a great job on that skirt! (Now dress). I love that stripped cardigan and I really liked the options that you showed of how to wear the outfit. I understand on feeling like I have nothing to wear, I have so many clothes that I love but I rarely have time to put a great outfit together that makes me feel great all day.

  12. manecoarse says:

    I adore those red boots. I want some now.

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