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Project Restyle #2

Here’s my second restyle projects of 2011

And where did this little polka dot skirt come from you may ask?


It was only a dollar and the print was cute so I had to get it. I used Cynthia Rowleys pattern 2512 for Simplicity.

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17 Responses to Project Restyle #2

  1. Cassandra says:

    That skirt is ADORABLE! What a fabulous print – and at only a dollar, you just can’t beat that.

  2. Cute cute cute! Definite improvement, there!

  3. seriously…so pretty! i know the pattern too and i love your version :)

  4. tara says:

    surgwbvf4gn looks so cute!

  5. Paunnet says:

    I made this skirt too a little while ago and I still love this pattern. Your version is so cute!!

  6. laura says:

    lovely as always! great work. (:

  7. Hannah Jade says:

    Just come across your blog – you are an absolute inspiration!

  8. yaga says:

    wow, what a cute skirt, i like the waitline a lot! this project must have left you with quite a stash of polka dot fabric…. ;o)

  9. Melrose says:

    as if that came from that sack of a dress! you definitely found the beauty underneath that mess!

    Im loving your blog btw! I gave you an award :)

  10. maddiemudpie says:

    all of your remakes are so cute, lovely outfit.

  11. Justine says:

    omg! This is so cute! I love the waist band of the skirt. Are you going to make something out of the top portion too?

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  12. Carolyn says:

    Well done with making good use of that pretty fabric. This skirt is too cute… and it looks gorgeous on you!
    Thankyou for your kind comment on my blog.

  13. Edie says:

    Just supreme as usual. I love it.

  14. Claire says:

    Ive just bought this pattern!! I love the fabric you used :) really glad i found your blog! (through the UTE blouse pattern on burda style, I loved your version – and your hair cut short, looked like mine!)

  15. andrea says:

    Oh, great job! Love the scalloped waistband.
    Can’t wait to see your next restyle!

  16. Astrid says:

    I absolutely love it!! Cute.

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