08.28.12 Where’s Toto?

Here is my version of the vintage gingham dress I spotted on Etsy. I used a super similar little pale blue gingham lined in pale blue as well. I think the fit turned out pretty well despite not being 100% happy with darts but whats new.

The pattern only calls for lining the bodice but I went ahead and flat lined the skirt to prevent any fashion faux pas. I’m not sure if any other sewers feel the same but I remember when I first started sewing and I despised when something called for a lining and now I try to manipulate patterns in order to add a lining… oh growing up into a real adult sewer is fun!

My photographer extraordinaire was trying to get some new poses so logically he told me to look natural and lean into the bush. I think it looks pretty great!

All I need to complete the ensemble are some sparkly red shoes and a good ‘ol tornado! Maybe we could skip the tornado.

In other news I am becoming an extreme fabric and sewing supply hoarder eek! Does anyone know any crafty ladies or gents in the Phoenix area who could take some supplies off my hands?

Now onto my final draft of the Macaron!



I feel like I got super lucky with the fit on the Macaron! I cut the four and the four it shall be.

I think the only change I will make is to lengthen the hem a bit to make it work appropriate since my muslin has no hem at all!

Were you as lucky as me with your fit?


Today I feel like a real life sewer! I know I’ve been sewing for a while but I have to admit I’ve never made a muslin. Oh yes, there have been numerous occasions where a muslin was needed but did I make one? Nah..

Here she is in all her glory… minus a zipper but still

The goal for tonight is to put in a zip and take her for a spin. I love that the sewalongers have reccommended wearing your muslin for an hour to get a true picture of fit. I would never think of these things.

After the test run it’ll be time to pick the fabrics for the final version! Is anyone else participating in Sew Colette 2.0 and how are your projects coming along?


08.08.12 Sew Colette 2.0

I’m a little late to the party but I”m going to join in on the latest Colette patterns sew along. The group will be slowly working its way through the entire Colette pattern collection.

The official sewalong started with Colette’s Hazel dress and next up is the Macaron. Yay!

Sew Colette 2.0 Macaron Schedule

Week of August 1st:  Muslins!

Week of August 5th: Fit Tips & Techniques

Week of August 12th: Fabric, Fabric, Fabric!

Week of August 19th: Sewing Macaron and Guest Bloggers!

Week of  August 26th: More Guest Bloggers!

Week of September 2nd: Macaron Parade & Giveaways

As previously mentioned I am a late comer so this week I’ve got to try to do my muslin and fix any fit issues.


Any ideas on what color and/or print fabric I should use for the final go around?

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07.12.12 Dorothy Returns

Recently I spotted this oh so lovey frock on Etsy. Isn’t she beautiful?

As I was trying to mentally calculate how much of my plasma I would need to donate in order to buy her I had a tiny realization that “oh ya! I know how to sew!” I scrounged through some recently purchased patterns and found Simplicity 1873 which is yet another lovely Cynthia Rowley pattern and off I went to make my own inspired version.

If you take a look at the line drawing you can even see it had little tabs and buttons like the Etsy one.  Yay for details!

My version is currently draped over my sewing machine with just a zipper and hem to go!



Stripes are my favorite print ever, If you looked in my closet you might think I moonlight as a pirate!

I used this pretty piece of fabric I thrifted years ago but never knew what to do with. I finally picked up Simplicity’s 1810 and it was a match made in heaven.

The dress has darts in the back where you tuck in the little ties.

I wore her to work this week and got so many compliments! This is a great pattern and could work in so many different fabrics for so many different occassions!


06.25.12 InstaSew

I love living in Tempe where I’m but a few minutes from piles of fabrics and rows of pretty trims.

Look I also made a dress and sort of took pictures! Well I’m proud of me and you should be too!

Tim has promised to take pictures of me in the dress which will be even more exciting!

On a side note if you want to see more frequent updates and happen to use the ever popular instagram you can follow me at of course sewithought.

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