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 peplum vogue 8815 SewIThought

Oh look I made something and took picture of it yay! Its Vogue 8815 and it was a breeze to make and super fun to wear as well.

peplum vogue 8815 sewithought

vogue 8815 sewithought

I’ve been eyeing this fabric for months but didn’t know what to make with it but I am so plased with the choice. I can’t wait to try making a short sleeve version with a little bit longer peplum!

peplum vogue 8815 SewIThought

So I’ve jumped on the peplum bandwagon and I saw this funny quip online about peplums.

peplum SewIThought


11.07.12 Made Market

Made Market Scottsdale SewIThought

Just a little note to any Arizona locals that I will be one of many lovely vendors participating in Made Market this December. You should all come out and support handmade and local products. I will be selling vintage clothing along with some handmade goodies! Hope to see you all there!


If you’ve been reading my blog for a long time you probably know that I used to do lots and lots of refashions – changing oversized thrift store finds into new garments.

I haven’t been doing many of these lately but I still have quite a stash of to be refashioned items and this weekend I took inventory of my pile.

Shirts – 8
Dresses -18
Pants – 2
Rompers – 1
Sweaters – 3
Skirts – 2

Total – 34

This year I have been trying to pare my wardrobe down to only unique and versatile items. So now I need to figure out which of these 34 items can be successfully transformed into wardrobe staples and which have got to hit the road.

Are you guilty of projects piling up like me? I sure hope I’m not the only one.


I intended to make this to wear in Chicago but once it was altogether we had some kinks to work out first.

The darts are just about 100% wrong. The pulling between the front darts seems to be because the darts are too close together and too long. The pulling makes the top seem really tight and small which weirdly is not the case. It in fact feels a little big on the sides.

The neck also feels likes i’m being choked so thats definitely going to have to be lowered.

And on top of all that there is tons of gaping at the back neck.

I am pleased with using a full skirt instead of the a-line one the pattern calls for and the fabric choice but thats about it.
Back to the sewing table it is.

On another note forgive the slightly crappy pictures – it is getting really hard to take pictures after work now that its getting dark sooner and sooner. I’m going to have to come up with another time to get these things done.


This past weekend I got to spend the weekend in the Windy City and thus can check off number twenty off of my 24 before 25 list.

We ate tons of food, walked a million miles, and thoroughly explored the city.

It actually looked like fall in Chicago which is such a pleasant change from the 90 degree weather in Arizona!

20. Visit Chicago

Off to the next list item!


10.08.12 Sneak Peeks

I have surprisingly been doing quite a bit of sewing but not too many photoshoots. So I thought I’d give a sneak peek of a few projects you may or may not have seen until I can get some legit photos taken!

Saturday was Tour De Fat where thousands of people come out for fun, costumes, and bicycles! Tim and I decided to go with a nautical theme so I made this dress and finished it up mere minutes before the bike parade! We volunteered in the afternoon and it was super fun.

I finally fixed the Cambie dress lining! I had to do some serious wrestling with that lining but in the end I won and I didn’t even have to remove the zipper.

I also finished my peony muslin and I have a few fit issues to work out, like this weird pulling in between the darts which I think actually stems from a saggy neckline.

I also made this pencil skirt a while ago but haven’t gotten around to pictures better than these that Tim snapped when we visited the Musical Instrument Museum in Scottsdale but check out how cool those walkman-esque audio tour devices are!

I’ve got tons to do this with our impending trip to Chicago including figuring out how to go from the high 90’s to the mid 50’s…eek! Us native Arizonans are not built for that kind of weather.


In a couple of weeks Tim and I are heading to Chicago for a long weekend. We’ll be visiting one of Tim’s old friends and doing some exploring of Chicago on our own. This is the first time visiting for both of us so tell me where we should be going!

So for the trip I’d like to sew up a few things to wear on the road. I’m not sure what it is but new cities always make me want to look extra special and nothing says extra special like handmade goodness!

#1. The Peony dress – Since I’m already making this for the sewalong I’m going to try to finish at least a wearable muslin for the trip.

#2. Clover pants – For the fall I’d love a new sassy pair of slim ankle pants in either black, navy, or maybe red.

I’m going to be trotting around in lots of Colette Patterns!

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So I’m hoping to post this and have someone tell me they have had the same problem so I can stop feeling cruddy.

I spent this weekend finishing up Sewaholic’s lovely Cambie dress and as it was coming together my excitement level was rising and rising. The shape is so lovely and using her technique to put the lining in made my dress look good enough to wear inside out!

Then the time comes to try the dress on so I can determine the hem length and dun, dun, dun…. the zipper will not go up, like for the life of me it will not budge. I try taking it off and running the zipper up and down to ya know loosen things up and it just gets worse and worse. I can barely get it up and down with no one in the dress and its never gonna happen with me squeezed in the middle.

The real question is what the heck do I do now? I will certainly wreck the delicate lining if I try to unpick everything but she far to pretty to give up on completely. Hhmph! For now she sits dejectedly in my sewing room as I cannot look her in the zipper. Hopefully we can resolve this someday once my grudge against dumb zippers passes.

On a happier note I did get one thing done successfully this weekend! I organized my fabric into the most beautiful mini bolts. Each shelf holds twp rows of bolts which isn’t convenient but it is pretty! I was surprised by the fact the bolts take up less space than having everything folded and stacked on the same shelves. I for one find myself inspired when everything is neat and tidy!

So can someone please tell me they have faced the same sad situation with a sewing project?? Or can you at least lie to me to make me feel better.

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